Apple Academy

Apple of God's Eyes Academy - Nepal

The dream of having our own school in Nepal emerged for several reasons. Primarily because when we accompany our children in school we realized that, with very few exceptions, in general education in Nepal works with old-fashioned methods.

Students routinely suffer physical punishment. They are beaten, receive ferule, pinching, ears and hair pulling are part of the options that the teachers use to use in class.

Staying for forty-five minutes underneath the sun, exposed to whole school, it is a common punishment for those who do not respond to two or three questions in a series of forty.

For the sake of our welcomed children we want to have the control of this process and the dream was realized in 2009, when we received the grant from the Government of Nepal and then we began the process of the Shristi Gyan Secondary School in Nepal, the first MCM school in the nation.

Presently our school serves as much the rescued children and assisted by our program as the local community, with about 300 students. The school was initiated and established by the work of Lucas and Sheyla, loved people who also took care of one of the houses for a period. Nowadays they are starting a work of Apple of God’s Eyes in Thailand and their legacy is wonderful. Now Kelly Bevilaqua, who is here for more than five years and helped establish the school, is the responsible for it. Her husband, Marcelo Bevilaqua, also serves the Program.


  • Educating to transform

Education is the exercise of the world’s appropriation and it is through it that the individual will build, within himself, the real dimension of freedom. In education, it is the basis spread structure of the work that we began in Nepal.

The School will be the main tool to make easier the realization of dreams, the discovery of talent, creativity, leading and consolidation of a structured thought. We develop the opinion leaders, which will influence the basis of the family of Nepal’s society, making collapse, naturally, the structure of caste and disseminating to the people of this wonderful nation new concepts of a healthy and wealthy life.

We dream: for our school will pass presidents, prime ministers, governors, public administrators, doctors, judges, lawyers, engineers, teachers, who will be multipliers of a thought centered on a new truth, who will act in society directly, with a different mentality, a transformed character.

Our school does not have a goal to graduate students, but leaders. Leaders who have in their hearts the purpose of spreading love and justice to their beloved people and the peoples of all nations.

We started working from the preschool classes to the fifth grade, and each year thereafter, we increased two more grades. We currently have up to grade 10 which finishes the elementary school. Our desire is also offer the classes 11 and 12 of high school, but by the laws of Nepal we have to wait another three years to receive a license to do so.

And then? Of course, the University. We will educate the professionals of this nation. As in all our operations, we are now in charge of the school. But our aim is to make great citizens, and help our students to be, in the future, the leaders of this school, others that will be constructed, universities that will be created by us and by them.

The purpose of the Shristi Gyan Secondary School is to develop the whole student skills in the cognitive, affective and social fields, their autonomy, their responsibility, their scale of values and ethical awareness. The function of our school is to expand the cultural and social world of the student, as well as enable them to act in society, with critical thinking, initiative, creativity, autonomy, authority and social responsibility through efficient strategies and technologies to know the world and interact intellectually and socially with that reality.

Educating means acting to transform. In our educational practice, we believe in certain principles, beliefs and values, which are the source of our motivation and serving in orientation. This set of principles and convictions, we may call Philosophy of Education.

Highlights from our School: Kids having a delicious meal, one our classrooms, music fest and Kelly and Marcelo
  • SLC

We have started the Shristi Gyan Secondary School in Nepal in 2009 when we had from the preschool to Grade 5. After a long walk, have today up Grade 10.

Every year a group of students participate in the Nepalese entrance exam, called SLC (School Leaving Certificate), and also known as Iron Gate, because it is decisive in the student’s life. If they don’t spend this exam, the students can’t continue their studies, they can’t take drive license and they can’t get a decent work.

According to this reality, society and family exert a lot of pressure on students, every year we can read in the papers about suicide for failing on this exam.

We try to lead our students to this exam giving quality education, security and confidence in who they are and what they can do.

Among the students there are boys and girls from our project (Apple of God´s eyes) and also from the community.

Since the first year we participated for the first time in the SLC, and we had 100% approval.

Our School is a happy place!

Our school is a happy school, that encourages every day our students to develop their talents, and that works in the awareness of a better world.

During the year we have various activities such as Music Fest (a music festival, encouraging our students in musical practices and also in the dance, which is something very strong in the local culture), Day of Literature, World Environment Day, Children’s Day.

All this atmosphere of joy and creativity is essential to the formation of a healthy character of our children and adolescents.