Free to fly

What is Free to Fly?

As girls and boys grew, exceeding eighteen and completing high school studies in Nepal, we felt the need to break a little bit the bond of dependency that they had with the project.  It is part of the human dignity to be free to make your own decisions and be free to sustain yourself financially.

Of course, someone who does not have a plate of food is not ready for it. But from the moment that he has food, study, family structure, it is part of the human maturation feel yourself productive, feel useful to work, able to support yourself and be independent.

In 2012, we received the visit of Dr. Katy Braun, Law and Childhood Judge from Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil. She was the first to give us this idea of “republics”, then girls and boys could begin their first flights out of our houses.

Then, Rosmari outlined a project that we have entitled “Free to Fly”. In this project, as a Project, we set up like small apartments; a concept of small republics, for adult girls and boys of can be freer. We furnish the apartment, but they do pay the costs of rent and food.

Of course they continue to be monitored and assisted in the difficulties they may face, but they become free to make their decisions.

When a small child starts walking, it ceases to be in our lap, but do not stop receiving our care the in his difficulties that he will face till his maturity. So this is our concept in this project.

We do not want to hide the problems. Not everything happens like in the “Disney´s Movies”. We have faced difficulties of all sorts, as well as parents face different difficulties in the process of maturation of their children. They do not always make good choices, but we are always there to offer our help.

So far, 38 young people have “flown”. Some remained working with us in the organization, some got married, others moved to other nations.

But we can say that the most are flying well, and they will fly higher!

We will share the testimony of Selma, a girl who was rescued and now works as one of the leaders of the project and supports her own family!

  • Meet Selma

“My name is Selma. I will share with you about how my life has been changed not only my life, but the life of my whole family. Before coming to the Apple of God’s Eyes my life was different and bitter. My family was very poor, surrounded by suffering and struggles, and my parents were addicted to alcohol. Because of this horrible environment I went to the streets, wandering and with others in the same situation I started using drugs and I became an addicted. My very life was destroyed at that time, I was really depressed, hopeless and without any positive outlook.

I came to the Apple of Apple of God’s Eyes in the end of 2003. Uncle (Silvio) and aunt (Rosmari) and all the sisters really loved me and cared for me. Every day I was being transformed, restored and realizing how special I am. I am really grateful for everything.

In the Apple of God’s Eyes I started to grow, I received good educational background and become a responsible person. I always had the dream of returning to live with my family so we could take care of each other. In 2013 that dream was realized when, through the Project “Free to Fly” I received the help that I need to live in an apartment and bring my family to live with me. I have been helped to be independent, working and by this way bless my family. I am really grateful and I’m very happy.

I want to thank each one from the family of the Apple of God’s Eyes. How I have been happy!”