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Vision and Mission

The Apple of God’s Eyes Program in Nepal was born in the heart of the doctor Mr. Jose Rodrigues, president of the World Mobilization (WM and MCM).

Since 2000, through the work of Silvio Silva, his wife Rosmari and family, The Apple of God´s Eyes Program have been working on the rescue of girls who had been trafficked into sexual slavery as well as girls who were/are at risk of being trafficked or dead, in very poor families or on the streets. As the time went by, the brothers or sisters of the rescued girls who were found in death risk conditions were also housed and cared by the Program.

Today there are four houses with 160 children in total. Many branches of work were created in the process of fighting human traffick. The most important and first was the “Scholarship Program”. Concerned not only with the remedy for the problem but mostly with the prevention, we began with the distribution of “Scholarships” in several districts, especially the poorest. For it turned out that giving a scholarship is a very effective prevention action, once the family does not sell or allow the trafficking of their children if they are studying on a regular basis.

Along with the distribution of these grants is made an awareness campaign with the families not to leave their children in the hands of traffickers. 1300 scholarships have been distributed now.

Our vision is essentially summed up in two important words: COMPASSION AND HOPE. Through Compassion, we want to be instruments that will change the fate of people who have had their dreams, their childhood, their innocence stolen and give to them through the recovery of dignity and love all that was taken from them. Finally, through COMPASSION, we want to give a new HOPE.

For this, the idea of having only a “shelter home”, or a social institution would be extremely insufficient. The vision that we believe is based on the concept that we are a FAMILY. And so, as family, the whole mission is developed. Our vision initially had targeted only children and adolescents victims of trafficking, but the vision has expanded and we have worked together so that the families of these children and young people are also benefited and transformed.

Our mission is, through different ways: Houses, Prevention Program, School etc; create the environment for girls and boys that were trafficked, abused, neglected or at death risk to have their fate changed and receive adequate living conditions, so that those who would never have the opportunity to live in dignity may now live and develop their talents, abilities and dreams.

Our mission is also to expand this benefit for the families of children and young people who are with us.

In Nepal, The Apple of God´s Eyes Program works with a partner organization under the name of “Nepalese Home”. Today, local leadership was established with the first girls and boys who were benefited from the program thirteen to ten years ago and now work to reach people who, like them, have been achieved by love and compassion.

In 2009, The “Shristi Gyan Secondary School” became a reality, benefiting both the rescued children by the Program and local community, with about 300 students. It was initiated and established by the work of Lucas and Sheyla, beloved ones who also took care of one of the houses for a period. Today are developing the same work in Thailand and left a wonderful legacy in Nepal. Kelly Bevilaqua, who is here for over five years and helped establishing the school is now responsible. Her husband, Marcelo Bevilaqua, also works for the school and the Program.

Currently, several other “small” projects happen at the same time as our farm, our training courses (sewing, hairdressing), our reintegration program “Free to Fly”, our fixed dental clinic and our bus with medical and dental assistance, which will also work to raise awareness against trafficking in villages and inside Nepal.

How it started.

In 1997, Dr. José Rodrigues (President of WM and MCM – based in Goiânia, GO – Brazil) visited India for the first time. In Mumbai (former Bombay) he became aware of the sexual slavery problem in the huge red light areas. Girls were being sold and taken from neighboring countries to be used as prostitutes in India. He found out that thousands of Nepalese girls were being used in prostitution in India.

Dr. José (pictured below with his wife Lily) undertook trips to other areas of prostitution in Mumbai, and in one of those trips, he saw a dead body of a twelve year old girl lying down on the sidewalk. In Hinduism concept, the dead are cremated on bonfires around the temples and holy rivers, but that girl would probably be cremated in the city garbage dump, because she was considered unworthy of having a funeral in the patterns of hinduists values.

Dr. José was there starring at that shocking scene at the moment the garbage truck came and took the body of that child. That brutal and remarkable scene would forever change the fate of hundreds of girls destined to the same end.

When Silvio Silva became aware of this situation, he took his wife Rosmari and his son David and moved to Nepal in 2000! They had one thing in their luggage: the dream of rescuing girls (Photo of their arrival below).

They had no money, they didn’t know how they would do it, but they had hope and compassion. MCM was wholeheartedly compromised in this work, still is today and will continue. Other people have been raised to help, from different contexts, but all united in the same purpose of helping Nepalese girls.

Then they began working with the first house, and the first girls came, whether they were sexual slaves in India or at the risk of being trafficked. Sometime later they began the work of prevention for those who could potentially be sold in the future. Girls who were already prostituting or little sisters or daughters of prostitutes, as well as families who already had a history of having delivered their daughters into prostitution became the subject of attention.

Girls who were on the streets prostituting, or begging, have been sheltered at our home in Kathmandu. Thus was born the work known as “THE APPLE OF GOD’S EYES”. The Apple of God’s Eyes Home was a normal home with father, mother and many sisters.

(Photo below, our first house, we call Pishon. Today we still have it working.)

Statistics estimate that 12 thousand children are trafficked every year from Nepal to other countries, mainly for prostitution in neighboring India. Because of extreme poverty, families sell their sons and daughters to traffickers. In some cases, families are deceived because the traffickers introduce themselves as “people who want to help and lead children and adolescents for a better life”.

In this process, girls as young as nine or ten years old are taken from their families and made sex slaves in brothels in India and other neighboring countries. Along with the family, they are torn apart from their dreams, dignity, purity, joy of life, hope.

Many organizations were working on the same goal, but we noticed that the demand was greater. Overall, we noticed that, generally, the work was very institutionalized, only focused on a legal and structural framework basis, which is also important, but not the only need. We saw something missing: a real touch of compassion! A human touch to work with the rescue of those girls!

We realized that more than a shelter, rescued girls need love, affection, attention, a friendly word … They need to be heard in their stories about their broken dreams.

The troubles faced at the beginning were many and huge, not worth spending time talking about them in detail; they stayed behind and enriched our experiences roster. They were logistical, human (people who did not understand or would not understand the objectives), financial at times, emotional. Even persecution by local authorities, cultural difficulties, etc.

But as we said… we overcame all. They were only mentioned but do not deserve more than a paragraph.

For the joy is greater than the pain, hope won frustrations, hope overcame doubt, love conquered fear.

The girls started coming back in 2001: The first was the Rushimila that came with the wrong name because of translation and to make things easier she preferred to be called Rachel.

She came to us so tiny, cold, scared, hungry, but as the time went by she grew, gaining trust in God and in us, today she is a beautiful young woman, cheerful, likes to dance, sing, dream and was adopted by a friend called Erik from Brazil. She was the first and now lives in Brazil. She is already in College and certainly will go further.

After Rachel came Promila! She is now graduated in Medical School and assists her people as a doctor.

Then came Menuca, bald, looked like a boy but became Angela, a beautiful young woman, beloved daughter, partner, she is a teacher and coordinator in our Apple of God’s Eyes School.

Then came Prisca, in 2002. After we received Eliza. Eliza arrived with her sisters, marked by suffering, but that beautiful girl overcame everything. She has a pure heart, honest smile. She is one of the main leaders of the Program today. We have an office in Kathmandu, and what a great and compassionate leader she has become.

After Marcia came, who is now the leader of Scholarship and Prevention Program. A wonderful and strong woman. Then Meena, which struck the gate, and the gate of nations were opened for her! She has already been to Brazil, Cambodia and Bangladesh. She married Saran and has now a baby boy called Sameer.

Then Gleiva came, dear daughter, who was overshadowed by street drugs, but today is a happy person who makes others happy. She has also become one of the Program leaders.

We received Rupa (we call her Selma). She learned how to play the guitar and to sing. She has recorded CDs, singed in Nepal, Brazil and Japan. Then, the small ones came: Suntali, Grace, Renu, Rachel, Ribika, Jioty, many, many, many …

(photo below since the year 2011 when we got our van!)

All young Nepalese girls from different castes, cultures, languages, with their eastern eyes, fringe hair style, beautiful, pure, innocent, dear, cheerful, restored.

We are now over 150 in four houses.

Our family grew and continues to grow!

Healing process

Sexual abuse is traumatizing in many ways. The girls that were rescued from that situation usually came to our homes with wounds in the body and especially in the soul. Most of them had to go through the pain of rejection, prejudice, hunger, social exclusion, physical abuse. They came to us without dreams or hope, with a deep sense of inferiority.

The healing of their souls comes with the understanding of the true value they have. They realize that they are valuable. We try to work a lot in the reconstruction of dignity, showing love and compassion. We are not an “institution” (although we have the legal operation) but we are a “FAMILY”. THE APPLE OF GOD’S EYES FAMILY IN NEPAL.

Despite this horrible condition, the day-by-day love and care worked as a healing. And after some time they were able to smile again, dance, sing, dream. Basically, they receive in our homes love as the main remedy for their wounds.

Promila graduated in Medical School, Meena in Sociology. Some want to be teachers, other lawyers, engineers. We want to hear each other and cooperate with their dreams.

Institutions are often cold and impersonal, concerned with numbers, or to provide things for survival. Nevertheless our vision is to live as a family, taking care of each other in love, caring about the details, caring about the peculiarity of each one, that has her own gifts and personal dreams.

Many of the girls who have been trafficked didn´t have a pair of shoes, used to sleep on the floor, to eat on the floor, like animals, like slaves. Others lived on the streets, or in very poor places. When they arrive in our homes, they receive not only a bed, footwear and food. But they receive many symbolical gifts, such as teddy bears. They now have people who they can count with, they have now a noisy home, and a table and full of smiles to share the meals with happiness and dignity.

Our focus is not on the things, but on the dignity, the value of each and every one in our homes. It is worthy to sit at the table, to be looked in the eyes, to be hugged and heard. Some of our girls never had a toy, but when they come they can enjoy teddy bears and dolls, rescuing their childhoods.

We celebrate birthday parties with cake, balloons and gifts. We celebrate all the achievements they conquer. We participate with them in their dancing festivals and presentations at school; we go to support them in their soccer games. We are strict to assure they do well in school, just like parents care about their children, like a big family.

How we are today

After 18 years of work, we have now more than 150 girls and boys living in 4 houses in Kathmandu, Nepal (the picture of the homes is above).

Since our beginning more than 100 other children had been living with us, but they already matured and went on their lives. In 2014, we received 7 girls who had been trafficked to India, but now returned to Nepal to be restored to their own nation. Two of them came with little girls. In the same year we also received with much love 4 children living in Nepal, but were in serious risk and could be sold or trafficked at any time. And every year we usually can receive from 10 to 20 new girls and boys in our family. In 2016-2017, more than 10 girls were repatriated and came to our homes.

Girls and boys who live in the homes receive medical / dental care and study in schools that teach in English (second language of Nepal). They have dairy meals based on the upper middle class of Nepal standard and have all the things needed to restore their dignity and self-esteem. We have offered professional courses for the grown ups, such as cutting-and-sewing, hairdressing and craft.

1220 children have been assisted with scholarships, but they are living with their families in different towns and districts. The scholarship affords the tuition, school material, uniforms and shoes, so that the child may enroll and regularly study nearby his residence. We found out that when a child is regularly attending school, the family does not put that child at risk for traffickers.

In 2009, another dream came true with the opening of our school, “Shirsti Gyan Secondary School” under the work and coordination of Lucas and Sheyla.

Our Academy is from preschool education up to class number 10, last grade of primary education in the country and we already have more than 300 students. In 2014 we had our first class 10 graduation and our students had to take the SLC exam, which is a very important exam that will certificate the student to go on the next levels of education. It is very critical in the life of the student. We had 100% approval all over the following years!

Our first generation girls, as we call the first who arrived between 2001 and 2004, are already around their 23-27 years old and currently they take care of just about everything. They are now the leaders of the partner organization in practical terms. The formal name of the partner organization in Nepal is “Nepalese Home”. Any International Non Government organization in Nepal necessarily needs to work in partnership with a local NGO.

Mamata is the main person in charge leading a team that is part of the board. We have legal authority and permition to house and repatriate trafficked girls from India and other countries. A few years ago we received custody of several of them that are in our homes. Many others await the end of the repatriation process.

Nepalese Home leaders have the power to make decisions and manage all the aspects of the Apple of God´s Eyes Program. The Brazilian team work as a support and partner. The Administrative Office of Nepalese Home is in Kathmandu, with 13 girls and 3 boys working in leadership and management. (below the main leaders of the Nepalese Home)

Mamata was not a rescued girl. She got to know our work and felt extremely compelled to join us. She has been working with us on the Program since its “birth” and now assumes greater leadership. Mamata speaks Nepali, but also learned English, Portuguese and Hindi.

We have been working hard on the project “Free to Fly” which began in 2012, so that those girls who already have conditions to do so, can go out, work, have their own home and move on with their lives. Some boys and girls have already left the homes and have set up their own apartments. Some took their relatives (mother, siblings) to live with them.

Since its beginning, 38 young people have been part of the “Free to Fly” Program.

The Government of Nepal has honored us with a degree of recognition of our girls as good social workers and even the UN (United Nations) we have already visited us and recognized our work as a model of social work.

We have also been licensed by the Government of India (CWC India – Children Welfare Committee) and we are legally authorized to shelter and repatriate girls.


The Program “The Apple of God´s Eyes” is completely financed by the generous donations friends from Brazil, Japan, USA, Australia.

In addition, resources are also raised by the selling of CDs and books by MCM, which also works to raise donations for the Program since its very beginning.

Goals for the future

We have already launched a self-supporting project for the girls individually and also for the program as a whole.

We support small business activities such as carpet factory, beauty parlor, small markets etc. We already had a small farm, but with the earthquake event almost everything was destroyed.

Now we are beginning to dream with this farm again, aiming to produce vegetables and in near future we envisage the production of medicinal herbs as well as the creation of animals for butchery, milk and eggs production, so that within few years the program can sustain itself without the need to receive funds from abroad, managed and administered by the girls themselves that were recovered and trained for such work. We are focused on the importance of sustainability.

How to contribute

There are many ways you can contribute. Please, consider donating financially to help expand our work in Nepal even more.

  • Option 1:

Account in USA:

Bank Of America

World Mobilization

ROUTING # 011000138

ACCOUNT # 466001790649

Bank Branch in Lowell-MA

Address of WM: 192, Appleton St.



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Account in Brazil:

Hope Mobilization

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Bank Branch: 0144-9

Account: 13329-9

CNPJ: 33.661.124/0001-77

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  • Option 3:

World Mobilization:

Standard Chartered Bank (Kathmandu-Nepal)

Account: 01 – 1800906-51



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Account: 10010-3603


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Our current financial goals

Repairs to last earthquake 60%
Scholarships for the village students 76%
Utilities and Payroll 55%
Awareness campaign funds 28%