Our Homes

We have 3 homes full of life!

Each house is a “core” of the big family “Apple of God’s Eyes.” The houses are located in a same area of the city, as well as the school and our Head Office. Each house has a normal behavior of an ordinary family. There are people hired to help with cooking and cleaning, but all the girls and boys cooperate in the overall organization. Each house has a leadership that works as the parents of the children, and live in homes also. We implemented the system of elder “sister” or elder “brother”, in this way the older children help in caring for the younger ones.

The regular life of the home is full of joy. The children love music and dancing, you can always see the smiles and hear the laughs of the jokes.

Every day there is a moment when all gather to worship, pray together and share the Word of God. They are fed in body, soul and spirit. Prayer meetings are not mandatory, the fact of being Christian is a free and personal decision of every child.

The House has been a wonderful rescue tool. In this way, with simplicity and communion, in the regular life of the home, everything happens. The careful, the restoration and a new destination is drawn and placed in front of each child, to the glory of the Lord!

So the Lord has added the new smiles, not only in Nepal but now in other nations!

Each house has its characteristics, its peculiarities. We now present to you each one of them.

The “Pishon House” is in the same building where actually the first house has started. There are 27 girls in total, including young girls and children. Some are already in college, other finishing high school. It is a pioneer house and a barn of leaders. Led by Loani (Brazil).

The house “Sweet Home” is quite large, in fact it has become a fusion of two houses. It is located at the foot of a mountain with a beautiful view. The size of the house is explained by the number of people: there are 54 in total! Enough work for the “supermom” who everyone loves, Shova!

In the Shital Chahari House there are 32 people, including children and the leaders Angela and Joshuda (both Nepalis). In this House there are scholar and hardworking girls who have graduated in sewing, and others who have gone to other nations to testify what the Lord has done for them! It is also a house with lots of dancing!