Prevention Program

Our Program is based on two wide foundations: Rescue and Prevention

Rescue work takes place in homes, as already mentioned in the article on the “Homes”. However, it is prevention work that reaches the greatest number of children. Today, there are 900 children benefited directly of our prevention work, which consists of distribution of scholarships so that they are not easy prey for trafficking, and their families have this great encouragement to keep them in the villages and in the family. Indirectly, more children are benefited with this work because along with the distribution of scholarship, in every village, we invite local people to awareness time, especially in risk areas (where the chances of trafficking for prostitution are higher).

Why did we do this way? Firstly, because the cost of a housed child is fifteen times higher than the cost of a scholarship. Secondly, because the house is an ultimate resource that has been used. The house must be the last option, when the girl had been already sold, already in prostitution or in real risk of going through this problem or had been abused because of the collapse of their family institution.

The shelter in a house has to be the last stage in the recovery when there is no more chance of this child being rehabilitated or protected in his village or within their own family. When the kid has suffered some abuse and has no chance in that place. We have many barriers to separate families, even with poverty. For this reason the scholarship helps girl or boy, without separating them from the family. We are working with it in healing and strengthening family ties and not in separation (in some cases, of course, it is necessary).

When a girl comes to our habitat she certainly loses some cultural ties. She starts to live in an environment where she needs things that she did not need before, like hot water. They begin to experience things of Western culture (some good as the habit of taking daily bath, but other different from Eastern culture). We care about this, even in the houses, we preserve cultural habits as far as possible, such as food, dances, etc. But we can not prevent them from start to like things that are naturally not from their culture but from ours.

In the scholarship system the child remains with family (when there is not high risk of trafficking, abuse, prostitution, etc.). She’ll be in her own environment, in her village in her community, however assisted by scholarship. The favored children receive all necessary scholarly materials and school fees which are paid directly to the school nearest their home.

So we became an organization that focuses on not only recovery, but the real prevention of trafficking, otherwise, neither 1,000 homes would be sufficient. This has given us a lot of credibility and the admiration of Government as well as other organizations such as the United Nations (UN). Because several other international organizations maintain their staffs here, but have no interest in ending the problem. But we do not! We’ll go many steps further, we have been highlighted because we have worked effectively seeing an end to this evil.

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