We care for our environment!

As the work and its extent grew, we feel the need to seek more sustainable ways for our program.

The “sustainability” would be to develop activities that will sustain the program seeking viable strategies in the social, economic and ecological context. We want not only increase our income, but reduce costs with strategies socially and environmentally just.

We bought a “farm” and in it we had started our cost savings planting potatoes, some vegetables and garlic, we had some animals who have already attended part of the food demand of our homes. However, with the earthquake, we lost almost everything.

We have a new reconstruction project to our farm, since the five small buildings that were built to attend our activities have felt down during the earthquake.

We already have the initial resources to rebuild our farm and restart the previous projects.

So we dreamed to lower the cost of feeding, producing meat, vegetables, milk.

The second process that we still have in the medium and long term is to generate income. After studies of agricultural viability we found that the best for our farm is the production of cardamom in large scale for sale.

In addition to the Farm, we have tried to diversify as “small business”.

We would like to leave here our special thanks to those who contributed in this process: Ricardo Fontenia; Empresa RCE Construtora de Curitiba; MCM Office and partners; Edimilson Resende; Beraca Health and Personal Care; and also a friend of Goiania is not to be identified)