15th Anniversary of The Apple of God's Eyes Program.

We have been celebrating the 15th Anniversary of The Apple of God’s Eyes Program in Nepal this year. We have received the visit of very especial people to the history and still now of the Program.

Our celebration theme is “the bridegroom waiting for Him”, because as the Bridegroom of Christ we all want to be ready and prepared for our eternal wedding with Him!

This was a very challenging year… especially because of the earthquake, but at the same time we reach this 15th anniversary proving of His grace and protection like never before!

Our celebration began on September 13th, with the honorable presence of pr. José Rodrigues, president of WCM and the one that God used to start all this amazing work.

Our celebration continued on october 9th with the presence of a great supporter and especial friend, Pr. Luiz Ricciocopo.

We would love the presence of so many others that are so especial for us and that God used for the support and growth of this Program, but we know that for so many reasons that will not be possible, We would like to register our gratitude for all our friends and supporters though.